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"I love taking pictures because its not my job. Its kind of a mission for me. Every time when I pick up my camera I have a smile on my face. And it is this laughter that is transmitted to the couples in front of my lens. That just makes me happy!"
This lovely couple came to us with an idea and we made it real for them. They said: “Manuel, we want some pictures for our new home.” And I asked them: “What is your favorite place?”.They then told me about the lake, the experiences and their dreams they have for the next years. Taking some nice pictures for them changed into creating an experience and something special they will never forget. Because photos are more to me than just pictures that you can hang on the wall – they are moments that you freeze so that the sun rises in your heart every day you look at them.

Pictures by Manuel Spors

Instagram & Website

Location: Altausseer See, Austria

Gear: Sony A7 III; Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

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