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"I love creating memories. Over time, we tend to forget specific details about times and places -- and even feelings. Photos remind us and take us back there. Sometimes, photos are the only thread keeping us tied to our memories. I love knowing, in real time, that I am capturing the thing that couples will look back at years down the road to remember the time in their lives where they were so happy and in love."
These photos were from my first ever mini-marathon. I have always feared that trying to schedule a bunch of shots in one day would be challenging, but I was fortunate enough to fill all of my time slots. This was also the first time using the new Canon R5 and I even tried out a few GIFs! So much to be proud of here. Alyssa and Brandon were also so great to meet and we hit it off instantly. I loved helping to tell their love story as it is just the beginning for them! Hopefully we see a ring on Alyssa’s finger soon!

Pictures by Dan Cox

Instagram & Website

Location: Detroit, MI

Gear: Canon R5 with Canon 35 mm 1.4

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