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"The creation of emotional and authentic images is essential for intimate couple sessions because the emotions felt in an image are worth a thousand times more than the perfect composition and exposure. And I think people are thirsty for raw and honesty."

Creating emotional and authentic images in an intimate couple shoot. Let’s talk about other things! About the things of the HEART. First of all,see with your heart and stop seeing just with your eyes.

By Josée Lamarre –

5 things to put in your camera bag
5 things to put in your camera bag

You should find the emotions that are inked at the bottom of your heart. What makes you vibrate inside. And be honest with yourself, because it’s reflected in your photos. For example, if you are a sensitive person who likes being in nature, try to create images that connect your love for nature and what it represents to you. If you are sensitive, then photograph this way. If you are a happy person who likes to laugh and dance, then your photos should reflect this aspect of your personality. Or maybe you love children and family, so why not make it your passion on the photography side as well? It’s so important to know who you are. Only by remaining honest with who you are and what you love can you create authentic images. Don’t create photos because it’s trendy on social networks or because some successful photographers use it in their work. If you remain unique, you will not have any competition. You will be yourself and no one can create like you do.


If you still don’t know what makes you vibrate in photography and you haven’t found your way, photograph several types of photos” – “try to photograph different things, and with that try to find what you are most passionate about. It is by trying different photos that we finally find what we are passionate about.)


Look deep into the souls and hearts of people. The connection with your couple is essential for your session and to be able to create something authentic and emotional. As first, contact by email asking to share with you the reason for their love and some personal words about them, will help you to know your couple better. You can ask both of them separately for a personal story to share withouth the other one knowing about it, make it a “surprise” During the session, take time to talk with your couple before you start taking pictures. Gives them the impression that you are not only a photographer, but a person with feelings who is interested in them, in their stories. Share your own story and vision of life and love.


Here are some tips to make your couple comfortable during an intimate session.


At the beginning of the session, give them enough time to feel comfortable. Take few steps back to give them some space. This type of session is very delicate and not all couples are automatically comfortable.


Ask them to close their eyes. By closing their eyes, you and the camera disappear from their sight. This helps couples to relax.


Start with clothes that is easy to remove. When the couple starts to feel more comfortable, it is much easier to take off a jacket than to start the session directly with underwear. Use accessories that the couple can use to hide behind. Example: a blanket, hat, cushion, etc. Don’t change their position all the time. It breaks the moment they have together. Leave them in their natural position. You can create many emotional images in one position and believe me, they will automatically change the position by them selves.


During the session, some of the emotions your couple offers to you are already tangible. There are some things that can help them reveal even more emotions to you.


Ask one of the partners to tell his lover how beautiful he/she is.


Ask them to whisper in their ear why they love each other.


Ask them to remember what they shared by email with you and to share these intimate and personal words with each other.


Remind them of the personal story they shared with you before the session over the email and ask them to share this story with each other.


Tell them how lucky they are to know that they found each other.


Tell them how lucky they are to know that they found each other


Keep in mind that being honest with yourself is the most important thing you can have to create authentic images. If you love what you do and share this love in your work, it will be felt in your images. And give your couple the feeling that they are unique. Share your important moments together to create a unique connection.


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