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"Photography for me is about the chase. I'm always chasing the perfect light, the moments, the location. I love the feeling when you get to a place and you have to work out how to shoot it, your mind is rushing. Finding the best angles and spots. The feeling when you finish and look back at the photos and know you've captured something special for your clients is the best feeling in the world."

Rebekah and Pete have always been adventurous souls, we scrambled down the cliff face on a remote part of the Dorset coastline in the UK. It’s not often we are blessed with the weather here in England, so for all these factors to play into my hand I felt incredibly lucky. The hike down was relatively easy, other than the sheer rock face we had to descend at the end. The sun was just getting low in the sky when we arrived, it was catching the water fragments crashing against the rocks below, it was magic. The natural pool at Dancing Ledge was the perfect spot for cooling off. Pete and Rebekah stripped off and jumped in, the water temperature here is freezing but these guys love it. Nothing scares them, they’re adventurous in such a united way – they were a team! What I enjoyed most about this shoot is capturing their closeness and how they joined forces to create magic in front of the camera. I have dreamt of this shoot for so long and they made it magical.

Pictures by Laura Dean Photography

Instagram  & Website

Location: Dorset, UK

Gear: Canon 5DMKIV and Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

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