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"For me, photography is all about having a great experience with the people I photograph and translating their emotions with expressions into a visual story that they will cherish forever!"

The plan was to go paddling after sunset in the Bay of Roses. Sadly, the sea disagreed! The waves were way to wild to stand up, so Luuk and Eline decided to use the sup as row boat instead! As you might guess, they ended up in the water a lot of times. The couple was having so much fun that I couldn’t stop shooting. Maybe not the best idea because I didn’t have any protection for my gear. And I was in a bit to deep. Some waves smashed my camera. Luckily it survived!

Pictures by Maike Simon Photography

Instagram  & Website

Location: Bay of Roses, Spain

Gear: Sony A7iii and Sony Zeis 35 mm/1.4

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