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"I think the most important thing about photography is to create memories. The time flies by so fast and you can't remember everything. When I look at my photos of my friends from 9 years ago I am so happy to have them. I look at them and have this exact feeling I had when i was in that moment. So I always take photos when I meet with my friends and I always hear that sentence "Do you always have to take photos? " Yes, because in many years you will be so glad to have them and to remember all our beautiful moments we had together, because it's impossible to remember everything. Most people realize too late how important photos are for us. But I hope with every couple and every person I photograph I create memories for them that they will look at in many years and are so thankful for the pictures."

So actually it was the final exam for Rahel at her Hair and Makeup School and this whole setting was her idea. When she told me about it I was totally into it! The topic was “Date Night”, that’s why she had the idea of a picnic in the golden hour light. She bought everything and styled our beautiful and sweet couple. It was a perfect evening – nobody was there, we were totally alone, had lovely music, a lovely couple, and a perfect sunset. We are so proud of how the photos turned out because it looks so sweet. And how Amelie and Max interacted with each other was so natural. We were the perfect team for this evening and had so much fun. I think we nailed the topic Date Night.

Pictures by Caroline Mäske

Website & Instagram

Gear: Canon 5D Mark III & Sigma Art 35mm

Location: Berlin, Germany

Preset: Julia and Gil 2018 I

This Magic Happened Thanks to:
Hair and Makeup Artist & Decorations
Amelie & Max
Caroline Mäske
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