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David Kirscher is a photographer based out of Paris and Madrid. His work is very diverse ranging from fashion and editorial work with models to even just photographing his friends in different situations.

"No matter the project and who I am shooting with, I always ask myself the same question: how to tell a story with pictures."

1. What is the philosophy and heart behind the images that you create?

No matter the project and who I am shooting with, I always ask myself the same question: how to tell a story with pictures.

2. There is a certain level of intensity in your images. How do you go about portraying emotions in a subtle, but yet powerful way in your work?

I work on the assumption that if a picture doesn’t make me feel any emotion, it won’t to anybody. It is certainty not true, but knowing that I have a liking for extreme feelings, it is quite a challenge.

3. One can feel the influence of cinema in your art. What kind of films do you specifically draw your inspiration from?

Cinema is definitely what inspires me most. I can spend hours analysing frame by frame the light work in a movie, the color of a carpet matching with a lipstick, an outfit, the shape of a lamp reflecting in an eyeball…

4. Your portfolio is rather diverse. What is the overall message that you want to convey through your work?

My portfolio is rather diverse because this is the way I am. I love soul, jazz, techno, opera, metal, pop, piano, rock ‘n’ roll. There is no overall message. I just try to be true to myself. And don’t cheat.

5. What kind of editing techniques do you use to elevate the intimacy captured in an image?

Usually, I try to make the editing process not too visible. And natural. Natural is intimate. Even if in 2019, with all the editing tools and filters we got, natural doesn’t mean anything anymore. So I try to make it not too visible. No vignette, over-saturation or HDR look. Besides, I like to work with analogue cameras because depending on the film roll, it naturally defines the look you will get.

6. When working with couples, what is the essence that you aim to capture?

Definitively intimacy.

7. How are you able to create a safe space for your subjects to drop their guards and reveal themselves to you?

I guess communication is the key. I always explain what I am doing, and try to go step by step, and never force anybody to do anything. I also like to put some music on. Music is important, it goes through walls…

8. For photographers looking to increase the level of intimacy in their work, what advice do you have?

Less is more. Two times.

Thanks David!

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