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"I love working with adventurous and madly in love lovers who crave the most intentional experience. I want to photograph people's true selves, the most natural versions of them. I want to create an experience that is completely centered around the love their hearts have for each other and that is the truest reflection of who they are together. They have found the person that makes their heart beat fast and feel feelings it has never felt. That is powerful. I want to capture that connection, this adventure they are on, this story they are creating together, hand in hand, side by side."

I really wanted to do a couples session in a parking garage. It’s super easy to make a beautiful photograph when theres rolling mountains or beautiful flower fields… I loved the blank-like canvas of the parking garage. It definitely adds but it keeps the entire focus on the couple, their connection, their love, their story.

Pictures by Tiff Kennedy

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Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 35mm

Location: Downtown Parking Garage

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