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"What I love about photography is that I can show other people the connection and the love of two other people."

Marias mum texted me and said that her daughter loved my photos and she wanted to make her a little gift and bought a gift card. Maria later texted me that she was super hyped about the shooting. I checked her instagram and saw that she and her boyfriend Johannes are a lovely couple. I asked if they want to shoot at the ‚Körbersee‘. We drove together and had some really beautiful and deep conversation and as we arrived at the location I just asked them to put on some music and just feel themself whatever they would like to do I can help and direct them if they like, but I think because of the long drive and conversation they just felt really comfortable. It was such a beautiful location and day! All three of us just enjoyed the moment.

Pictures by Vanessa Kutzer

Instagram & Website

Gear: Sony Alpha 7II, Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

Location: Körbersee in Vorarlberg, Austria

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