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"We love photography because we are able to capture authentic moments for our couples that they will cherish forever and that we get to tell their story in a creative way."

Sami and Larisa had a distance relationship for three years and kept traveling between Romania and Vienna. They are getting married this weekend and we are so excited to be their wedding photographers! For their save the date, we chose a special location which we love but is not easily accessible. So we had to rent an off-road car to get us there and what a wonderful adventure it was for all of us: lots of laughter, genuine moments, story sharing and getting to know each other better. We kept on shooting until the night came and of course we had to incorporate the car that got us there in some romantic nighttime shots as well. We had such a wonderful time and these two are so genuinely in love that it shows in every picture! We just adore working with authentic couples!

Pictures by Lia and Lau

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Gear: Canon Mark III, Canon Mark IV, Canon 35 mm 1.4, Sigma 50 mm 1.4

Location: Transylvania

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