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"I love photography because it changes the way I live. It pushes me to meet amazing people that I normally would never cross paths with. It allows me to capture moments that will be passed down for a lifetime, and it gives me a sense of purpose – a feeling that I'm meant to be where I'm at."
This was more than just a styled shoot. It was a chance for a group of fellow photographers to get together and create something magical… which is exactly what we did. We were all hoping for a sunny day to capture these two, but were met with clouds and rain instead. Little did we know, this would make capturing the emotions that much more authentic. The raindrops glistening on their skin, the way they danced and laughed in the rain… that can’t be posed or styled. It went from being an editorial shoot with models to capturing the raw emotions of two people in the rain. Forever grateful for Varany and Kenny for setting this up. I recommend everyone step out of their norm and try capturing something out of your comfort zone.

Pictures by Lyndi Mishé Photography

Location: Missouri, Lee’s Summit

Gear: Canon EOS R6, Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

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