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"Photography is my life. I know it may sound like a 'cliché' but it is, it has saved my life many times. I love photography because it makes me feel good. When I have a camera in my hand, I just feel complete and in peace. What I love most about photographing people is the chance to know them and feel the love between them, to see how they look at each other, how they feel their emotions in the deepest way and my goal is to make those moments eternal. And I love the way their love and energy recharge me all the time. After all, photography is my way of expressing myself through others and telling the world around me in the simplest and most authentic way."
My idea was to create some dreamy and intimate moments with a loving and very sweet couple in a magical place. My magical place is the beach of the town where I live. Marika and Ninni are one of the most beautiful and sweet couples I’ve ever met, they are young and so is their love. We spent a little time together playing on the rocks at the beach just a few minutes after the sunset. I am so grateful for this beautiful place and for the love I always receive from the people I have the chance to photograph.

Pictures by Elisa Trusso Photographer

Location: Sicily

Gear: Fujifilm XT-3, fujinon 23mm

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