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"For me, photography is an art, that photographs have the mission to make the viewers feel something when they looks at them. For example, a love story can be understood not only through writing but also through photography. In fact, a single photo can convey thousands of messages that no word can precisely describe. That why I love photography."

Jerry and Madison are both Americans who have been dating for quite some time. They have a long-distance relationship, though, because Madison lives in the United States while Jerry resides in Belgium. But the distance is nothing. It didn’t really keep them apart. This is another proof that if you really love somebody, your significant other will always remain close to your heart. Madison headed to Europe to see her boyfriend, and the couple decided to spend some quality time in the City of Love. And to tell the world how much love they feel for each other, they opted to have a couple photoshoot. They chose the most romantic area in Paris: Montmartre. Walking down the streets while holding hands, laughing their hearts’ out, kissing and caressing each other like there’s no tomorrow, whispering intimately, Jerry and Madison have filled the air with so much love! Words are not enough to describe how happy and in love they are, but their pictures do…

Pictures by Alex Nguyen

Instagram & Website

Gear: Sony A7III, Sigma Art 35mm f1.4

Location: Montmartre, Paris, France


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