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"Photography allows us to document our lives. We can use it to inspire. We can use it to remember. We can use it discover. There are few things in this world that can do all that at the same time and more."

I had hit a creative wall as a photographer around the time that I did this photo shoot. I was unsure of who I wanted to be and I didn’t know what my style was. This session broke through that wall and began my journey as a photographer. We spent the late afternoon that day, playing and laughing and just goofing around. It reminded me why it’s important to have fun and let go sometimes while I’m shooting, instead of getting in my own head. I’m so proud of this session because I feel it marked the moment that I went from doing photography as a hobby, to becoming a photography professional. For that reason, it will always be meaningful to me.

Pictures by Gabriela Hotzel

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Gear: Sigma 35mm, Nikon D750

Location: Mesquite, NV


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