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"It´s a way where I can tell stories in my own creative way and create something unique and beautiful which will last forever in their hearts. I truly care about the people I photograph and I treat them the way I would want to be treated. It´s not about the perfect location or this amazing styled shots. It´s about valuable memories, true emotions and authentic moments full of love. Telling their stories with my work, that´s why I count photography as my big passion."

The intention of this session: because their story is amazing and one of the cutest I´ve ever gotten told. Two years ago we were guests at the wedding of our friend and sat on the same table where Peter told us (with a big smile) their story – so here it is: They went to school together until they were 14 years old. In that time she didn´t even recognized that he´s alive. She was the typical girl who growed up with a two older brothers: stubborn and tough! And he: he was a little nerd with two left feet, reading a lot of books, had secretly a crush on her but too cowardly to ask for a date. And then: they´ve lost sight of each other for 40 years. In the meantime they have married someone else, got lovely kids and build houses in different citys – they lived their life in a way which was o.k but not with this „loveofmylife-feeling“. Then on one day they got an invitation for their 40th reunion. So it was clear to him – that´s the evening he would see her again and he would dare to speak with her. This was the only reason why he went to this party. It was a great evening, he had asked for her email address and so the lovestory began. They emailed each other, at the beginning once a week then daily. The following time was very difficult with and for their families – it was hard leaving and break up with them. Anyway it was the right desicion. Meanwhile they´re 60 years old, retired and build their own house with a beautiful garden (her baby). OMG and they are so damn happy together! ‚Be bold. Take a risk. The worst that could happen that it doesn´t work out. But if it does, you´re in for the adventure of your lifetime’ (the better men project) I´m so glad that I can call Johanna (Hansi) and Peter our friends even when there´s age gap of thirty years. These guys ROCKS! We´ve made this session because of L O V E because love knows no age, no time and no gender – only love!

Pictures by Kati Schweiger

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Gear: 5D Mark IV + Sigma 35mm Art

Location: Großmittel, Austria

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