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"Photography is my tool to show people how i see them. I feel like nowadays a lot of people are very self critical and get lost in circle of comparing themselves to others, which leads to them not being able to see their real beauty. I love human souls and believe there is something really special and touching about each and every human. So, the best tool to make people see their real people observed by someone else than themselves is photography."

I believe that water may play a significant role when it comes to creating a special moment and atmosphere for a shoot. The combination of the Croatian coast, blue hour and the beautiful bond between Markus & christian made this session beyond special and touching. This session had everything, it was full of joy & fun moments, as well as quiet, very intimate and loving gestures.

Pictures by Laura Stern

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Gear: Sona A9, Sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4

Location: Pula, Croatia

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