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"Photography makes me dream, I can capture moments full of love, may have fun until my stomach hurts and at the end I see the joy and gratitude of new friends"

Madi and her husband Ryan planned their trip to Iceland and were looking for a photographer who could capture some nice moments. they found me through certain hashtags on instgram and so the contact was given. We got to know each other in Vik which lies in the south of Iceland, with delicious burgers and beer. Since we were in the midnight sun in Iceland, we had enough time and so many conversations could lead to funny ideas and discussions. then we headed west to the skogafoss waterfall and the field next to it with the beautiful purple-colored lupins. these two lovebirds coming from florida were present with every fun and we had a wonderful time until midnight ..

Pictures by Melanie Munoz

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Gear: Canon 5D III & IV & Sigma 24mm & Sigma 35mm & Sigma 50mm

Location: Iceland close to the waterfall Skogafoss and a Lupinesfield

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