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"I love photography because it's an amazing way of capturing not just the other people's love, personality and soul in a picture, but also my own. Freezing that for eternity."

Shooting in the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Ireland had been a dream for so long. Last year I had wondered why I actually believed, I couldn’t just do it. So one afternoon, I found myself contacting couples in NI, booked the flights and the car and a few weeks later I was finally there. I’m so grateful to have found the perfect two souls, totally in love with each other and the most adorable human beings. Free projects are food for the soul. And I’ve learnt not to let the idea of places being distant keep me from fulfilling such dreams.

Pictures by Gina Walkowiak

Website & Instagram

Gear: Canon Eos 6D & Sigma Art 35mm f1.4

Location: Northern Ireland

Preset: Film Collection by Julia & Gil

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