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"I love to have couples in front of the camera who have never taken pictures of themselves. I usually take you for a walk in nature and on the way to the shoot I try to create a relaxed atmosphere by talking and asking questions about your relationship. During the shoot itself there is a lot of chatting and joking. I usually work in motion. I also often have their favorite music playing and they dance and cuddle to it. Afterwards, I'm always happy to see how relaxed and detached the couples come across in the pictures and that's what I love about photography."

I often talked with a photographer friend about doing a shoot in the fog. We looked for two couples and planned the shoot hoping that we would have fog that morning. That day we drove to the Feldberg in the Taunus Mountains. On the way there we even had sunshine in places and our hope for fog slowly faded. But the sun disappeared higher and higher and it was exactly the foggy atmosphere we wanted.

Pictures by Yvonne Soengen Fotografie

Location: Germany

Gear: Sony A7 III, Sigma 35mm

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