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"Photography is my way of sharing the stories that I discover and inspire others to do the same."

When I learned about Katia and Wils’ story, I knew I wanted to capture it and share it with the world. These two souls come from different generations, cultures and countries and met in a place far from each other’s home. They have been together for many years and are definitely going in the same direction.   It’s very inspiring that you can find your partner and soulmate anywhere, anytime. During the session we danced, played guitar, drank tea, caught colds, made jokes and laughed a lot. We experienced the most beautiful sunset with an unforgettable view of Barcelona. I achieved my goal to share this story with the world. I wish everyone to find their soulmate and share their story!

Pictures by Svetlana Dubovenko

Location: Spain, Barcelona

Gear: Sony A7III, Sigma 35mm

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