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"I was never taught how to use a camera, I learned by instinct. I was 15 years old when I started this "profession". I was clueless, wide-eyed, wild, full of dreams and desires, and wanted nothing more than to capture the moments of my teenage years with the light dancing around the faces of beautiful people. But most of all, I wanted to capture them as they are, because that's what I love about photos. It captures people's odd quirks, their captivating laughter, the way their eyes light up around the people they love the most. My hope and goal is that my images evoke emotion. Deep, real, sincere, raw, genuine emotion. That is what my heart burns for in photography. I am strictly against posed, awkward, stiff images, but my heart longs for images that are real, powerful and authentic."

These two celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this month – 1981 to 2021. There was no doubt these deserved to be posted as soon as possible and needed ALL the love. Someday I hope to be this beautiful and in love after 40 years together. What an inspiration to us all!

Pictures by Ashley C Morrell Photo

Location: United States, Tennessee

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, 35mm

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