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"I love photography because it allows me to walk around the world with different eyes."

The plan and the reality are two companions that often collide and that’s exactly what happened during this shoot! The plan was a shoot on the cliffs on the Atlantic, a blowing long dress and a great sunset. But this plan could not take place because the Sahara sent us a storm that transformed the Portuguese coast into Iceland within 30 minutes. It quickly became clear to me that I had to get Plan B out and so I saw a surfboard in the van of the two. We grabbed the surfboard, swapped the dress for a bikini and went to the mystical coast without a plan or idea. The result is these pictures of the two that really show how these two wonderful people were and are. Captured moments that are completely real. Sometimes spontaneously is really cool.

Pictures by Christine Ankenbrand

Instagram & Website

Location: Portugal Algarve Carrapateira

Gear: Canon EOS Mark IV Lens: Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

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