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"I am a lightlover. I need the light to carry me. I feel this strong need to capture this light and save it, make it last forever. These golden moments of the day and these golden moments in life guide us through all darkness."

Jana and Joey had to cancel their wedding this year due to the Corona virus. But instead of being sad they decided to use the opportunity and bought their wonderful old VW T3 van called “Pepe”. Since there was no longer the opportunity to take their wedding photos, I wanted to catch up on that by meeting them at a small lake on one of the last warm days in November. We enjoyed some golden moments together, celebrating love and where life takes us.

Pictures by Katharina Böhler

Instagram  & Website

Location: Waltershofen, Germany

Gear: Canon Eos 5D Mark III, Sigma Art 50mm/f1.8 + Canon Eos RP, 35mm/f1.8

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