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Anna Gadalean is a wedding and elopement photographer based in Barcelona, Spain, servicing the area of Western & Central Europe, Canary Islands and the UK. Often traveling for elopements and weddings worldwide. Capturing love stories artfully, preserving emotions & focusing on the mood and feel.

Not willing nor needing to carve it in stone, Ginger’s Eyes has a distinctive style she tries to sketch as “style is a mixture of editorial + documentary, focused on the authentic moments captured in an artful and timeless way”.

"Truth to be told, I haven’t been photographing a lot during my last personal travels just because I shoot a ton [...] and sometimes I need to put the camera down in order to recharge."

1. When and how did you start photography?

I always say that photography came into my life naturally and at the rightest time. Ever since I bought my first camera, it’s been my most loyal travel companion and even though I’ve always truly admired the art of photography, I could never envision myself doing it professionally. Why? I have no answer, this thought simply has never occurred to me. I shot my first couple (out of curiosity) after moving to Barcelona around 3 years ago and loved the way it felt: so elevating and fulfilling. Then I said to myself “looks like it makes you happy, perhaps you should give it a go”.


2. How do you keep yourself freshly inspired and excited for the upcoming projects?

I feel like inspiration is so ephemeral and its concept is quite overrated. It never falls down on you from the sky simply because it’s already within you. You generate it through so many things and on so many levels: through what information you take from the world around, through what you watch, read and observe, through what you listen to and feel. If I find myself in a creative rut at times, it’s simply because I haven’t been “feeding” myself enough with all of the above. Never-ending curiosity and passion to learn and observe is definitely something that fuels me. (:


3. It looks like you travel a lot: On your personal travels, what do you love to photograph the most? How do your travels influence your creativity?

Truth to be told, I haven’t been photographing a lot during my last personal travels just because I shoot a ton (work+projects) and sometimes I need to put the camera down in order to recharge. Instead, I started doing short phone video sketches of people/places, etc. that called my attention while exploring new destinations. Training myself to see more than meets the eye and noticing so-called unnoticeable things, like some quirky shadows, reflections, etc. helps to find new angles and ways of seeing the world and people, too. It’s fair to say, I learn about photography even more when I am fully present here and now, no matter where I am: in the mountains, at the beach or in a square crowded with people. Life is interesting to look at and you don’t always have to have a lens in front of your eyes.


4. And where was the best location you’ve been so far?

Let’s see! So many! Every location is the best one, really – I cherish all my travels and memories from them. But if I’d have to share top places that inspire me the most, it would be: Utah/Arizona, Bali, Canary Islands, Venice and Paris.


5. Going through your portfolio, it is evident that you put a lot of thought into the composition in your images. Does it come naturally to you or do you spend a lot of time studying the different rules and integrating them into your shoots? What is your process?

I love a good mix of spontaneous messy shots and compositional ones. Will never be able to choose one way to shoot (especially in couple photography!). I did study composition rules and tools that definitely enriched my photography and always influence creative decisions I take during the shoot itself or postproduction. This is actually one of the topics I love to discuss at my mentorship sessions. However, it works both ways: You need to know the rules in order to masterly break them and perhaps, make your photos look even more interesting and unique. I am absolutely passionate about studying the works of the 20th century film photographers, analyzing them and trying to understand why they shot exactly this or that frame. It helped me so much to hone the craft and perceive it on a deeper level.


6. What is by far your favourite type of light for a shooting in order to create “timeless“ images as you call them? And why?

I think there are so many more things to a “timeless” image haha (: I try to experiment with light a lot and push myself out of the comfort zone by photographing in different lighting situations. However, yes! I do love a good honey backlight during golden hours, a soft pinkish afterlight, a side light coming, say, from a window. Calm light on a cloudy day works too, but it’s so much more interesting and fun to work with the sun!


7. Taking into account how 2020 and Covid19 has a huge impact on everyone already, would you like to tell us more about your future plans in Mexico, the United States and here in Europe?

Ugh that 2020 headliner! I’ll be working all over Europe (Germany, France, Iceland, Spain, etc.). I have a couple weddings and sessions in the US next year and will be in California, NYC and probably some other states, the plans are not finalized yet. I had to cancel the trip to Mexico last spring, so hopefully I’ll make it there in 2021! This country was on my list for quite some time, can’t wait to immerse in its unique culture and eat the best nachos and guacamole in my life. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, ’21 owes us big time.


8. What do you like to do, if you are not behind the camera?

All sorts of things! From aeroyoga and hiking to dancing in the kitchen with my husband provoking weird thoughts in our dog’s head (: Oh and yes, drinking hot tea with chocolate. Have you tried it yet? If not, I urge you to! The best pastime in the world.


9. What would you do now, if you hadn‘t become a photographer?

I have no idea what I would do, but I would be a less happy and fulfilled human, that’s for sure!


Thank you Anna!

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