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"The fact that we can freeze the most important moments forever is what I love about photography the most. Being able to look back and experience the emotions and feelings otherwise gone, still blows my mind!"
I met these two love birds on a cloudy Sunday morning, one of the fewer days when there is no sun in Arizona. Looking at them I saw how beautiful and pure their love is. They were full of emotions, for the shoot and for meeting their baby soon. They say that you will never understand life until it grows inside of you and whoever said that, was so right! I was over the top happy to capture their feelings and emotions that day. He couldn’t keep his hands off her for the entire time and she was glowing. In those moments I was thinking what great parents they will be! The light was perfect, they were perfect, so in love and so happy that a little human is going to be born from that love. If I have to say a few words about this maternity shoot, they would be: ‘Mama, you grow life inside of you, your body is giving you the most precious gift of your life’.

Pictures by Dreahphotography

Location: Arizona, Phoenix

Gear: Canon EOS RP, Canon 50mm

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