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"Photography for me is very deep, risky, revealing and refreshing to the bone. This is psychotherapy. This is a teleport, a portal in time and space. An amazing attraction that can take me anywhere and knock me down with a wave of feelings forever preserved in these small squares. Any photo is me. Any photo is music, it is a smell, a dance, a taste, a time, a place and a state. Photography is everything. And the photo is absolutely nothing - just proof that it was all real."
If you can make people feel, thanks to your photos, you are already worth something. In the process of photographing, it is important for me to first create a friendly, trusting atmosphere and then ‘disappear’ in time, merge with the space and watch the process sensitively, leaving people to enjoy each other, then everything happens by itself. It seems to me that sincerity and naturalness are what helps real magic to manifest itself. And isn’t this the main thing of photography? Hurry up to love! To the burning in the chest, to the shaking knees, to the butterflies in the stomach. Open your heart, give yourself. Love is the greatest gift, the highest reward, this is what is always with us, what our souls are made of. In the end, nothing is more important than love. Anyway, it’s all because of her! Feel, notice, pass through yourself, create, remember, perpetuate, inhale and exhale LOVE

Pictures by Anastasia Petrovicheva

Location: Russia, Moscow

Gear: Canon EOS 5D, Canon EF 24-105mm

— Picture by Anastasia Petrovicheva
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