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"Anything can be art, so that's why I love photography, because it's my art."
This photoshoot is all about being yourself ! I wanted an indoor shoot with a couple in love and their pet, to capture them on their daily basis. I think it’s one of my best photoshoots so far, so i’m very proud of it. I love to work whit open minded people who understand what art is, and what photography is all about! As a conclusion, i think this is the perfect quote which describes all of the photos! “I don’t know which part of me wants you more; my lips that crave yours pressed against mine, or my skin that is starving for your fingers. But I guess it doesn’t really matter. Because I wouldn’t mind having every part of you”

Pictures by Sorin Sirbu


Gear: Nikond D750 & 35mm Nikon

Location: Milan, Italy

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