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"I love photography for the friendships it comes with! The fact that I get to be apart of couples' lives makes me feel so incredibly lucky."
Josh + Katie actually got married just a week after their engagement session! Reason being is because Josh is from Colorado Springs, and Katie is from Edmonton. SO, originally we had plans for Jasper National Park, but I mentioned Nordegg Alberta, and how quiet and serene it is which is nice to get away from the busy parks and they were instantly all for it! We spent 3 hours together, and I was ready to keep going. Katie and Josh have the sweetest love story – let me enlighten you a bit. They met in Belize while on a mission trip. The two fell in love quickly, and the rest is history. Katie has had a love for swings since she was a child, and there was no swings to be found in Belize. Josh, the very sweet young and romantic man he is, built Katie a swing in Belize. She was ecstatic. Josh managed to bring this exact same swing home, where he proposed to Katie on the swing in BC, and at their wedding, they too, got married on a swing.

Pictures by Courtney Grimes

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Gear: Canon 5D Mark III & Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art Lens

Location: Nordegg, Alberta

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