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"I've been practicing since I was a teenager and I realized by the pass of the years that I will never stop learning, so every time I have a photoshoot, is like a new challenge to me, a really enjoyable challenge which makes me feel I'm not working at all. All my life I've wanted to be a storyteller and being able to photograph love stories, gives me the opportunity of doing exactly what I've ever wanted to do."
When I noticed that Roberto had found love and was moving to Finland to live with Nina permanently, I sent him a message right away, telling him that I would love to photoshoot them, and that could be use for him to have a nice memory in the city he grew up in. He got thrilled with the idea immediately and save the date in that moment. I got permission to use one of the oldest buildings in the heart of our city for the shoot, and we had an amazing evening full of laughs and even some hugs wishing them all the best. Personally, this was the easiest photoshoot I’ve ever done and one of my favorites too, because they were really comfortable with the camera; she has some experience in modeling (actually Roberto is a portrait photographer and she’s his favorite model) and Roberto is crazy about her, actually I think that was the real magic on it, they are both crazy for each other, and that made my work so enjoyable.

Pictures by Mariela Ferbo


Location: Tepic, Nayarit, México

Gear: Canon 5D Mark III; Sigma Art Lens 35mm, 50mm, 85mm 

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