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"I love showing people how beautiful they look and seeing how happy they are when I share my captures of their emotions and special moments with them is another perk."
For a long time I’ve been wanting to do a couple photoshoot in a snowstorm but weather predictions seemed to never really work. On this day too, at first it was snowing but when we got to our destination it was only flurries and eventually stopped. We did take pretty photos in the woods and had so much fun I didn’t even think about how I really wanted it to snow. When we were back in the car, warming up with tea and some snacks though, it started snowing. And it went from just a couple snowflakes to a snowstorm in a matter of minutes, we decided to out again and had a blast, probably looked like little kids running through the snow, it was perfect.

Pictures by Ella Börner

Instagram & Website 

Location: Hebalm, Austria

Gear: Sony A7III, Sony A7R; 50mm, 85mm lens


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