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"I love photography because it is how we hold onto memories. It is a doorway to where we've been and how far we've come."
Here in Scotland we’ve been in lockdown since New Year and to be honest I’m surprised it took us this long to take some self portraits. We moved to this new flat back in October and it finally feels like home and even though we are in a lockdown and friends and family can’t come and see our new home we don’t want that to let us stop making memories. In ten years time when we look back on our lives I don’t want there to be no photos or memories for 2021. So we set up the tripod and took some self portraits of us, for us. For our future family and for our memories. We don’t want to let 2021 go to waste.

Pictures by Joanna Gull 

Instagram & Website 

Location: Scotland

Gear: Sony A7 III, 28-70mm 3.5-5.6; Nikon D750 Nikkor, 35mm 1.4


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