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"Back when I was growing up, my grandfather would take a camera everywhere with us on family vacations. At the end of each trip, he'd put together a massive scrapbook of hundreds of images. I always thought there was something so beautiful about this - finding a way to capture candid, timeless moments we could cherish forever. In many ways, the seed was planted. I got my first professional camera at 19-years-old from my parents. I began to tinker with it, taking pictures of my travels much like my grandfather. It wasn't until I started shooting portraits of friends and family that I discovered my passion for collaborating with others."

Jacelyn and Kainalu had just moved into their new place on the North Shore of Hawaii. They loved their cute new space right next to the beach and wanted to capture a typical afternoon with them, their dogs, and the beach. The best part about this shoot was how relaxed the whole thing was. I barely gave them any direction. They just were their silly selves! We put on some music, told some jokes, ate some papaya from their backyard, and just so happened to capture the moments in between. This couple is simply beautiful inside and out. To this day, one of my favorites!

Pictures by Chris K.T. Bright

Instagram  & Website

Location: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Gear: Canon 5D, Canon 6D, Canon 24-70mm 2.8, Canon 50mm 1.8

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