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"I love photography because of the connection, meeting new people daily and the lifelong friendships that spark from it."

I have always wanted to shoot a couple with a motorcycle, so when I came to Utah to shoot with Sydnee Johnson and Brooke Johnson who is an amazing wedding planner I was stoked to find that one of the shoots was with a motorcycle! The shoot took place literally on the side of the road. We pulled off on a spot with the best view. I get a lot of comments asking for a specific location and I wish I had a pin to drop them because the view was amazing! Our models were Sam and Carter and to this day we all keep in touch and I plan on shooting them again at the end of October! That’s the best part about being a photographer: The life long connections you make that are all over the world.

Pictures by Caitlin Connell

Instagram  & Website

Location: Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Gear: Canon 5D Mark 4 and my 35mm and 24-70mm

This Magic Happened Thanks to:
Sydnee Rayl
Sam and Carter
Brooke Johnson
Kinsey Wilder
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