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"I love that it allows us to keep memories alive. It allows us to travel to new places and see new things. I love that it brings people together."
So I’m a photographer based in Scotland and I had never been to the Isle of Skye! So obviously we needed to change this so we booked an air BnB with our sweet friends Matt & Tamar (who have been together for 8 years now) and decided to do a styled vow renewal road trip shoot. The idea behind this is to break out the norm of a vow renewal or elopement being a one day thing but instead to show it can be a whole experience that you’re not going to want to forget. We spent the day driving up from Edinburgh, through Loch Lomond and Glencoe and then drove through Skye in the dark which meant when we woke up in the morning we woke up to the most beautiful view. We travelled to several locations around Skye and all in all just had fun which in my opinion is exactly what an Elopement/Vow Renewal should be like.

Pictures by Joanna Gull

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Gear: Nikon D750 & Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART

Location: Isle of Skye


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