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Best Of January
Congratulations to the following artists!
Every month we select the best ten inspiration posts that you guys have submitted to us. The following blogposts are our top ten of January '20 You want to be part of next month selection? Ok cool! Just submit your best couple or wedding photos. Please just read our submission guidelines before submitting.
La Graciosa Shoot by Melisa Botic
It was my first workshop ever and I was really nervous. At first we took some pictures at a small mountain and then later at the beach.
Best Of January '20
Glamis Styled Elopement by Velazquez Photography
This shoot is all about intimacy and having fun. Most elopements, in general, are all about the couple sharing their love to one another in a place that represents them and pictures that represent their love.
Best Of January '20
Last winter days by Corina Beha
I always like to catch the real moments in between which seems to be not perfect but authentic. The idea of the story was simply just having fun outside on a cold winter morning in the Black Forest.
Best Of January '20
Your heart for takeaway by Ginger’s eyes photography
Music. Connection. Depth. I can go on and on saying words that would describe the relationship of these two beautiful humans.
Best Of January '20
Swallowed by the sea by My Favourite Human
This sunrise wasn't exactly what we expected. We had a lot of rain and it was cold. We were wet and our level of excitement was a bit lower than usual.
Best Of January '20
A stormy bavarian romance by Anne Letournel
It was a stormy day in Bavaria, thunder rumbled and the temperature climbed more when the session started.. Latifa & Michael are so in love.
Best Of January '20
Paris vintage love by Ida-Christine Amerkamp
I am the happiest girl on earth since last christmas, because my boyfriend Simon surprised me with a trip to Paris.
Best Of January '20
Netflix and chill by Sophia Jones
Myself and two other photographers rented out a space to show couples that in home sessions can be fun, loving, and comfy.
Best Of January '20
Snow Wildhearts by Kathi & Chris Photography
It was our first journey together in the mountains in the winter time. Of course we really wanted to do a snow shoot.
Best Of January '20
Dark December Afternoon by Henna Koponen
I’m a sucker for strong contrast, dark and moody images with a hint of well-thought story! This shoot was done during the darkest time in one of the darkest places on the globe.
Best Of January '20
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Best Of February '20

Iceland Styled Shoot by Photomagician

Best Of February '20

Isle of Skye Road Trip Vow Renewal by Joanna Eliza Photography