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"I love photography because I have the opportunity to be artistic without having to draw. I suck at drawing. I love helping people forget a camera is in front of them and just encouraging them to be themselves. Capturing people as they truly are is my ultimate goal."
Wisconsin is a seriously underrated state. We are often overlooked here in comparison to the insta-famous places like Yosemite, Moab, etc. Wisconsin, known for cheese, cows, and not much else, is home to thousands and thousands of lovers. We have miles and miles of wooded forests, lakes that stretch to the horizon, 4 distinct season which all offer different moods and backdrops. I am beyond grateful to live in such a quiet and romantic gem of a state, where solitude can be found in every direction. I want to show people Wisconsin, and the mood our woods can evoke. I wanted to show people that you don’t need a unending source of money, you don’t need the most expensive dress, or a multitude of people. All you need is to go with that person you love to that place that has a place in your heart. In this case, that place was our home – Wisconsin. I wanted to convey a very intimate mood. My goal was to capture every moment they caught each other’s gaze , and every giggle in between shots. I am so proud of my direction in posing throughout this shoot. I kept a very hands off approach, and mostly photographed any authentic in between moment that happened rather than try so hard to get “that perfect pose.” I love the way I used the available light, and how I worked with a team of people to create something beautiful rather than stress myself by doing it all alone.

Pictures by Ashley Ross

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Gear: Sony A7iii & 24mm Sony Gmaster & Sony A7Riii & 35mm Sigma Art

Location: Loew Lake Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest – Erin, WI

Preset: Beloved Stories Retro Preset Collection

This Magic Happened Thanks to:
Ali Thomas
Dimitri Fafalios
Set Up Stylist and Violinist
Emily Daley
Wooden Bed Frame Bench
Spring City Wood Works
Dress + Props
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