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"Photography has allowed us to convey a little of our love in each image. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to know many impressive stories, behind each couple.."

The idea behind the photo shoot of this beautiful couple and so full of chemistry, was that it could be them. As part of our vision, it is that in each photo shoot, the couple ends up even more connected and in love. We wanted to show in the images that we can be free, connected to the person we love. We are proud of the final result, as each of the photos shows how much connection and love there is in them, we were able to have fun during the session and get to know them even more, with questions that we told them while taking photos. Although I am a photographer with six years of experience, I am new to taking photos of couple and weddings. But I am so confident and so happy that my future wife will accompany me on this adventure, that she has us so in love.

Pictures by Ricardo Salek and Caroline Ivette

Instagram  & Website

Location: Cueva Del Indio, Arecibo Puerto Rico

Gear: Canon Eos R and Canon 5D Mark II; 35 MM 1.4 Sigma and 24-70 2.8 Canon USM


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