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"It documents beauty and strangeness in the best possible way."

I’ve never lived by the ocean before. It’s not just the environment itself that makes it feel so different but the details you notice around: tan lines, the mist in the air, the wind picking up a scarf and making it dance, the myriad of colours, curls flying in the eyes, waves pulling you in, frozen pineapple cooling you down. In the past I’d mostly hung out with the girls in the city and seeing them in this new environment, peaceful and cheerful made me see them in a new and unfamiliar way. It felt as though they were characters in a book as I shot them, that we were telling a beautiful story in the sand.

Pictures by Agata Grząba

Instagram  & Website

Location: Costa da Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal

Gear: Canon 5d mark IV, 35 mm prime lens


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