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"I love photography, because I can express myself with that. I can show others how I see the world. I can make people happy with my pictures. I can capture moments that will never come back and leave traces of me and others. For me, photography is everything. I've met so many great people & friends through photography. Therefore, I could not imagine a life without pictures. I am happy that the photography has found me."

Why should you be put off by the rain? It’s not different at a photo shoot, as in real life. Sometimes it rains, sometimes the sun is shining. But I always love my partner. That’s exactly how I feel about taking photos. In this shoot, we did not care if the dress gets wet or the makeup runs out. We loved it. It was real, authentic and emotional. The weather just went with the mood. Therefore, I can recommend everyone to make the weather his friend. There are always possibilities to take great pictures, even if sometimes something completely different has been planned. Be spontaneous, be real, be creative and most of all have fun.

Pictures by René Schreiner

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Gear: Sony A7 III + Sony 35mm 1.4

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