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"Photography is a way of freezing time. It’s a way of letting people relive their stories whenever they want, touching them, making them laugh, making them cry, making them feel. I love to be the person to return these feelings. I feel so honored document individual stories for the ones to come years after when we are long gone."

One year after I had documented the wedding of Isabelle and Jul, they asked me to go to Santorini to document their love once again and do a bit of exploring with them. These two are those kind of people who have a warm energy and a thirst for seeking adventure and exploring nature. I wanted to tell their lovestory in the most vulnerable and authentic way I could. It’s probably no surprise that Santorini is on many photographer‘s dream list – and rightfully so. It was our very first time on the island and we set out to explore empty places. On the evening the pictures were taken, we first discovered a little secret church that we then hiked out to. The next few hours felt like a dream. I will never forget the moment on the famous windmill of Oia, chasing the last sunlight, embracing strong wind and 15 degree temperature while hundreds of people were watching. Isabelle und Jul didn‘t take notice of what was happening around them as long as they were holding each other in their arms. That was so intense. After the sun was down, we discovered a field with thousands of daisies, dancing in the wind. The absolute highlight of the evening, however, was the moment when we gazed into the city lights of Oia. It was so peaceful and quiet because we were lucky enough to have the place almost to ourselves. Time stood still.

Pictures by Vanessa Toth

Website & Instagram

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV & 35 mm Sigma

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