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"We love photography because it gives us a chance to express ourselves to show our vision and feelings. When we take pictures, it is a kind of escape for us. We are very focused on telling stories and showing real emotions. "
The whole idea was to tell the real story. It took a while to find the perfect couple. Amelia and Christian, originally from Tennessee, USA, after they tied the knot they decided to move to Edinburgh, Scotland. Christian could finish his master’s degree and Amelia works as a photographer (you can find her work here). They got married 2 years ago in Austria and recently decided to elope for their intimate vow renewal to the Scottish Highlands. Both are very inspiring, artistic souls with many talents. Earlier in their relationship, when Amelia and Christian were living thousands of miles apart, Christian composed a melody, Amelia wrote some words, and as a result they created a very special song. Believe us, it’s very romantic. It was lovely to spent 2 days together having fun and a lot of inspiration from them. We met in an atmospheric apartment with a old Scottish decor in Glasgow where our first day started calmly. After coffee, a bit of singing and a lot of laughing, Amelia and Christian took some time to themselves to wrote letter and express their love and all they had learned over the past two years (and more playing around with pillows after all). We ended the day by all sitting together around the dinner table with a pint of beer taking about our plans, experiences and dreams. On the second day, we woke up very early and very excited! After a quick breakfast, Amelia and Christian serenely prepared for their intimate ceremony in the Scottish Highlands. While Amelia finished her new vows, Christian played a few tunes on his ukulele. Having read Wendell Berry’s poem “The Wild Rose” to one another at their ceremony, it was meaningful when they used the same words to promise their love to each other once again. Old words with new meanings. In late morning, we headed for the depths of a quiet forest in the Scottish Highlands. To the secret place for the intimate vow renewal.

Pictures by Artur Halka and Ewelina Czarnota

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Gear: Nikon D750, Nikkor 35mm 1.8, Nikkor 50mm 1.8, Nikkor 85mm 1.8

Location: Glasgow and Scottish Highlands

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