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"I love photography because it owns up new ways of getting to know people in ways I never thought possible."
These photos were taking spontaneously while on vacation with my fiancée. The day before these photos, I myself proposed to my girlfriend and was super happy. After she said “yes”, we spent a few more days on the beach where ran into this gorgeously interesting couple. I just had to take photos of them so I decided to talk to them, of course with a camera in my hand. At first, both of them were a bit skeptical, but agreed to a shoot with me the next day. I would never have thought that you can meet people so quickly. After the shoot we spent the rest of the day chatting until late that night.

Pictures by Mirko Cummerwie

Instagram & Website 

Gear: Sony A7 III & Sony 24mm f 1.4 & GM Sony 50mm f 1.8

Location: Mexico Tulum Beach

Preset: Julia & Gil Wedding Presets 


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