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Best Of February '20
Urban Love by Vanessa Olewicz
"I love photography because I can express my feelings through pictures. Not only the emotions of the models in front of the camera, but there is also a glimpse of the photographers emotion in every picture in my opinion. You can create a certain look or tell a special story through photography."
As I found this cool location I immediately knew that I would love to shoot a love story there. I often shoot somewhere in nature, but this time I loved the urban style and the vibe of this old gas station. This time, the model was a photographer colleague and her boyfriend. Of course as a photographer you also want cute pictures of your loved ones and yourself as well. And it it also nice to see how other photographers do their work. We had so much fun although it was nearly zero degrees outside – but they did so well that you get the feeling of a warm spring day!

Pictures by Vanessa Olewicz


Gear: Nikon D750 & Sigma Art 35mm

Location: Frankfurt


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