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"I love photography because it brings me closer to the people I work with. People behind and in front of the camera, each one leaves something personal and unique in every photograph and hopes to also connect to anyone who sees it. With these invisible threads, the art connects us all."

I meet them every year for one day. One day, when we try to push our limits and create a photoset that defines our work for the rest of the year. Every shoot has a theme and a story, this time we decided on going with the modern Bonnie and Clyde inspired photos. Story of the modern outlaws, proud of their ways and loving the lawless life. Sometimes the love burns too bright and those two will not reach the happy ending, but until it comes, they are the most free people in the world.. The retro styling colides with the modern vibe of the models to create both timeless and out of time feeling.

Pictures by Frank Stabrila

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Gear: Nikon d800 Sigma art 35mm 1.4

Location: Svaty jur, Slovakia


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