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"I love to look at the world from another perspective through the photos."

The current situation in the corona crisis gives us hope and fear at the same time. Here in Germany there is now the two-person rule, so that we can only stay outside as a couple or with the people who live in the same household. All the cold gray winter time I was looking forward to the beautiful spring weather. I was especially looking forward to great shootings with couples in love. Now finally we have breathtaking sunsets, but unfortunately shooting with other couples is not possible. Since I like to go for a walk in secluded places with my hubby in the evening, the last time we took a tripod with us.These pictures were taken with a self-timer and are certainly a reminder of that time later. I am excited to see what we will create together in this phase and I am happy and grateful that I do not have to give up my passion for photography completely.

Pictures by Deniz Xenia Funke

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Gear: Sony A7 III Sigma Art 35mm 1.2

Location: Wedel


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