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"I love photography because the feeling you get when your couples see themselves in that moment again, that they thought was only in their memories, when everything they felt comes back to them in your images.....superseeds anything.."
I moved to Cornwall in February and discovered these Rockpools whilst out exploring and vowed if the right couple booked me I would put forward this idea. Molly and Brandon booked and I pitched the idea….. but we were in December, not summer! There was rain, it was so so cold but they said hell yes and we went for it. We got up at Sunrise at the weekend and headed down, the rock pools are only accessible for roughly an hour a day and become exposed at low tide so we had a very small window to create these memories. When I visioned it in February I had in my head sun rays pouring in, but serendipity is a beautiful thing. Now I have the images I realised everything went as it was meant to, Molly and Brandon were the adventurous couple always meant for this shoot. All 3 of us jumped in that Rockpool, I didn’t want to shoot at distance, I got in the water myself and shot these on my 35mm lens which I think translates the intimacy of the session.

Pictures by Gav Halse

Website & Instagram

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV, Sigma 35mm lens

Location: Cornwall, UK – Secret Rockpools

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