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"I love photography because it's always exciting, never dull. I always experience new things, meet new people and it just makes me feel alive."
First of all, I absolutely love styled shoots. I have so many ideas and seeing them come to life is just so fulfilling. I even made my first bridal bouquet for the shoot and I’m so proud of how it turned out! Also I want to take a moment and appreciate my husband’s family. I couldn’t have pulled it off without them. They helped me set up everything I had in mind and I’m just so thankful they’re my family. Oh and I must ask: what’s a little „adventurous elopement session“ without a real adventure? Before the shoot I drove for an hour in the wrong direction!! I was supposed to arrive 2 hours later than planned – by that time everything should have been ready for the shoot to start. I totally freaked out! I usually plan a little extra time just in case but this was more than just the case! Anyhow, I arrived eventually and we set everything up in what felt like 5 minutes. I had a little bit over an half an hour before the sun was setting so I made the best out of it, turned up some music and danced around with the couple. In the end everything worked out, not as planned but hey, what’s a photoshoot without a little adventure? Note to myself: a little extra time is still not enough.

Pictures by Rebecca Dimény

Website & Instagram

Gear: Canon 5D mark iv & Sigma 35mm 1.4 art

Location: Postalm, Salzburg, Austria

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