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"I've been shooting travel and landscape for years. I only really started shooting couples and weddings last year and I fell in love with it. Everyone has a story to tell. Every couple is different in their own way. It doesn't matter how many sessions I shoot, I make sure every one is an opportunity to bring out the couple's connection and personality. I also love just bringing out who they are as people and what they enjoy. I don't tell my couples to wear a suit or anything fancy. I tell them in my what to wear guide, If you love wearing a unicorn onesie, and that is who you are, then you wear the sh*t out of that unicorn onesie and I will be there to capture those moments. I just can't wait to meet new awesome couples and have the chance to connect with them in front of and behind the camera."
My sister-in-law lives in Narragansett with her Fiancé and has always loved my work. I shot them last year and she told me that she wanted me to shoot her again. I’m always down to shoot anything, anywhere, however messy it is. 2020 hit different for her though, as with many. She started exercising and eating healthy and transformed, both mentally and physically. She shed her former self. She has been dedicated ever since, losing 60 lbs in the process. I agreed that it was definitely the best opportunity to rise with the sun and go meet the surfers in the water. We got to the beach, after coffee of course, and they went straight for the water. Of course I’m always ready for anything so I ran in the water right with them. They just played and were themselves. All I did was follow them and got a little wet. My camera didn’t like it too much but I didn’t mind it. I loved shooting them. Now it’s time to buy an underwater housing and get deeper.

Pictures by LostisFound Studio

Location: Rhode Island, Narragansett

Gear: Canon EosR, Sigma 35mm 1.3 Art, Canon 50mm 1.2, Canon RF85mm 1.2, DJI Mavic Pro 2

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