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"Photography allows me to meet beautiful souls. There was never a thing in my life that makes me happier than capturing the connection between two people that are deeply in love. I'm so thankful for the trust I get from my couples. Literally breathtaking!"

Sometimes it’s the best thing that can happen if things don’t work out as you planned them. On this day we wanted to drive to the Netherlands to spend a day at the beach and take photos together. BUT it was raining like nothing can ever stop it on that day. So we decided to spend the day in beautiful ‘The Addams Loft’. And what turned out brang tears in my eyes while I went through them at home. Never was it that difficult to decide what pictures I should edit. Full of motivation, inspiration and energy now!

Pictures by Ida-Christine Amerkamp


Gear: Sony A7iii, 24mm 1.4 Gmaster & Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.8

Location: The Addams Loft, Solingen

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