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"For me, the camera is basically just a tool that gives me access to a world in which I can come closer to people than I would ever get without my camera. What I love about photography is that it allows me to experience and capture the realness, fragility and pureness of the portrayed persons character and thereby escape the superficiality we are faced with in our daily life."

I visited a friend for a weekend and didn´t wanna let this time pass by without capturing a lovely couple in this crazy bubble called Singapore. Without much preparation I met Ethel and Justin, two students who were recommended to me by my friend. I enjoyed to capture the pure and passionate love and joy that was radiated by this couple. We didn´t spend much time together, but still I am happy that I managed to get close to them, to become a small part of their love story and document their deep connection forever. The most proud I am of my pictures when I realize that, what I captured was real – that the people I photographed allowed me to dive into an authentic part of their biography.

Pictures by Dario Ramon Loew-Albrecht

Website & Instagram

Gear: Canon 5d Mk4 & Sigma Art 35mm & 1.4

Location: Singapore

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